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Sarah Talks Genome Design at SB7.0

Sarah will briefly discuss the design of a synthetic eukaryotic genome at the premier seventh annual international synthetic biology conference.

Clean Energy Trust Awards $1m to Midwest CleanTech Startups

Sarah delivered a keynote on bacterial potential at the Clean Energy Trust Challenge 2017.

MicroByre joins Cyclotron Road

MicroByre has joined the third cohort of Cyclotron Road innovators.

Sarah talks to the Empiricist League

The Germ Wrangler talks about the past and future of CRISPR and gene editing — and also bacteria.

Sarah Keynotes at SxSW Eco

Sarah delivered a talk, “The planet is a cookbook: Genetic Engineering Recipes for the Future” at SxSW Eco 2016 in Austin, TX

Pigs inspired by Clostridium thermocellum, a bacteria noted for biomass conversion. See more of Karen’s work.