MicroByre believes that all bacteria are irreplaceably unique.

Laboratory strains of E. coli are bioengineering’s biggest triumph to date. A planet of researchers focused for fifty years on establishing a bacteria in which the tools of genetic manipulation are accessible — even to high schoolers! No other bacteria has since been nominated for such a concerted grooming effort.

We don’t think it will take a whole field of experts to do the next few species. We think a small, motivated company can establish genetic toolkits in cells that do wonderfully weird chemistries, and avoid putting weird chemistries in cells with extant genetic toolkits (lookin’ at you, E. coli!).

We develop a feeling for each organism in our care. We complete an unprecedentedly thorough profile of its needs and wants — and then we use that connection to begin engineering it for industrial applications.

Goats inspired by Corynebacterium glutamicum, a bacteria noted for amino acid production. See more of Karen’s work.